Mónica Vargas

Traziende Films: We want to grow in international projection
Aliana González, Mexico City|20 de agosto de 2019

Mónica Vargas, founding partner and general director of Production at Traziende Films, revealed that the company is undergoing a change and restructuring process. “What we are doing is finding better internal production mechanisms, ways to professionalize and systematize each one of the production areas to be more effective in terms of money and, of course, execution. We want to be more impeccable, we want to do our job with more rigor, more method," she pointed out, after commenting that the goal is to share at an international level, not only producing for OTT and streaming but for studios outside Mexico. For this, they are studying the contents to be produced and are professionalizing their teams even more.

They are currently developing a project for Netflix, another for Amazon and probably two for Turner. “I cannot reveal much more, but I hope that at the start of next year we can be in a set," she added.

As for feature films, they have the intention to launch the thriller Los Minutos Negros this year, the second film by Mario Muñoz (Bajo la Sal), and the horror film Sin Origen, by Rigoberto Castañeda. “We have plenty of projects on the table and others about to be launched, in this new age in which we have placed all the love and trust to be able to do things better every day," she said.

This week they are launching in Mexican movie theaters a co-production with Lemon Films and Alazraki Films, Mentada de Padre.