Leo Zimbrón, producer for Grupo Traziende

Traziende: Netflix´s Club de Cuervos will debut on August 7th and we are working on a teleseries based on a book
Vanessa Maldonado, Guanajuato|30 de julio de 2015

As part of the production team of the series Club de Cuervos, first original Netflix series in Spanish -which will be aired on this platform starting August 7th, - Leonardo Zimbrón, producer for the Grupo Traziende, assured that it is the first Mexican miniseries that is launched simultaneously around the world, and he announced that they are preparing other stories for TV, mainly including a 60-episode teleseries based on a book. In the framework of the International Film Festival in Guanajuato,after participating in the space devoted to TV series, Zimbrón spoke to PRODU about his new projects and the importance of Club de Cuervos for the Latin American entertainment industry. "It´s probably the first Mexican series launched simultaneously around the world and that sets a precedent. It is the first in a language other than English. We made an adaptation similar to the film Nosotros Los Nobles, but the concept is a very sarcastic and dense comedy, combined with drama. It has a special flavor. We achieved something that had never been seen, not even on TV”, he expressed. The producer revealed that they have nearly five TV projects; however, “we are have advanced in our conversation with TV stations regarding some of these. One of the series is based on the same model as Club de Cuervos, which has 13 episodes, but more focused on drama. We are working on a 60-episode teleseries based on a book, but still can’t reveal too many details”.