Leonardo Zimbrón, partner and producer of Traziende

Traziende: The series Dogma is the first suspense and thriller project by our new division, Luna Negra
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|20 de octubre de 2016

The first production of Luna Negra, the new division of the production company Traziende -focused on the horror, suspense and thriller genres- is Dogma (13x30’), developed for the Blim platform. It covers supernatural topics mixed with religion.

“Its main feature is that it is an investigation thriller about miracles and supernatural events. The point is not to make a story based on effects, but on the story itself, with good scripts, good acting and well directed,” commented Leonardo Zimbrón, partner and producer.

Meanwhile, Mónica Vargas, partner and producer, highlighted the production values, topped by the cinematic format shot with an Alexa XT camera; and, “locations were one of the most important values. We used real spaces, so that the audience can truly believe that things like that could really happen there.”

Finally, they assured it was a good experiment that allowed them to innovate in the topic, in platforms like Blim, “and in the new way to do TV in Mexico. We are proud to explore these new paths.”