Juan Manuel Borbolla, CEO of Traziende Films

Traziende: We are going to concentrate on the development of productions
Aliana González, Mexico City|07 de marzo de 2019

Juan Manuel Borbolla, CEO of Traziende Films, who assumed the position at the start of 2019, stated that along with the new structure they will establish to be more efficient and cover the greatest number of productions, they are going to work more on development.

“Development is the essential part, what has made the difference, that is why we are going to concentrate on this because we have a great deal of experience in production and in Mexico, there is very much talent. What do we need? Better development. We might take a little more, but we will have more solid products as a result," he pointed out.

The thing is to tap into this market opportunity, which in Mexico, as well as in Latin America and the world, is demanding more and better content, that is more interesting and better developed.

Borbolla worked since 2003 at the head of Warner Brothers in Mexico, in the development of local production, the period during which he developed a relationship with Leonardo Zimbrón and Mónica Vargas, from Traziende Films, with whom he is now assuming this new challenge.