Mónica Vargas and Juan Manuel Borbolla from Traziende Films

Traziende: We reorganized ourselves to have a greater production capability
Aliana González, Mexico City|21 de febrero de 2019

In the year of its 19th anniversary, Traziende Films takes a step to grow and be consolidated as a production company that broadens its capability to produce series and films. The incorporation of Juan Manuel Borbolla as CEO is aimed towards that goal.

Mónica Vargas, Production Director, reported that this year they have already signed agreements for four or five series for Netflix, Amazon, and Turner. "The arrival of Juan Manuel comes hand in hand with our growth plans, where we see the Mexican industry having a boom regarding production and commissions are coming from many other countries for production services," he stated, after commenting that the idea is to be able to offer production services to companies that arrive in Mexico with the intention of producing.

Borbolla, CEO of Traziende Films, explained that the idea is “to create a platform, both for production and for legal and financial aspects, so they can receive more projects and develop much more solid products and with higher audience levels, aimed at global audiences. The thing is that production companies have a certain capability, financially and in terms of administration, to push projects forward. Normally, you have ten projects, but eight are turned off, waiting for their financial and legal turn, as well as people devoted to that. The idea is for the ten projects to be done at the same time, with different levels of development, in order to be able to complete three or four films a year and two or three series a year as well," she explained.