Marcelo Tamburri, Fiction Content VP at Turner Latin America

Turner: After El Secreto de Selena we will have a biopic on a Mexican musical group
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|21 de septiembre de 2018

El Secreto de Selena (13x60’), based on the book by María Celeste Arrarás, around the death of the Tex-Mex singer Selena, produced by BTF Media and Disney Media Latin America, will be launched on TNT Sunday, September 23 at 9pm. After, Turner will produce a new biopic with the story of a Mexican regional music group (of the group Bronco, in co-production with Comarex).

“More than a biopic, El Secreto de Selena is a police thriller, in the line of US productions such as American Horror Story or Versace. Here, we show what happened after the singer’s death, and how that impacted music,” commented Marcelo Tamburri, Content Development VP at Turner Latin America.

For the star Maya Zapata, the challenge was to bring to life one of the most emblematic people in Tex-Mex music: “My job was to bring Selena down to earth and see her in the eye with lots of love, affection, and respect, and stepping into her shoes. It was a true honor to play the role of this character”.

Tamburri mentioned they have around 14 productions in development for the next two years, in genres that include comedy, thriller, dramas, and another biopic, which will depict the life of the members of a group of Mexican regional music (Bronco).

“Between 2019 and 2020, we will develop around 14 productions, from which we will choose six or seven to broadcast them per year. After 2020, our strategy will be to take this number of products regularly to the screens of TNT and Space,” he ended.