Marcelo Tamburri, VP Fiction Content Development at Turner

Turner: The launch of Monzón on Space was amazing
27 de junio de 2019

Marcelo Tamburri, VP Fiction Content Development at Turner, received a standing ovation from the audience at Conecta Fiction when answering Leonardo Aranguibel, leader of General Entertainment Productions at Disney, on the launch of the series Monzón on Space, a Turner brand.

“The word I used would be censored if I said it again, but the launch of Monzón was truly amazing. I received those applauses, but I am merely the collector, all of this is due to the great production team at Disney and Pampa, and of course, to all those who worked hard on Space on the promotion of the series," said Tamburri.

The interviewee also mentioned that the series was very well made and acted, and that the editorial line was very well handled. “It was the first well known femicide in Argentina, which makes Monzón a bit of a villain, but the part that he was a great sports champion was never left behind, it is very well depicted there."

He also expressed that he is surprised with the good level of the contents he has found in the market, mainly Spanish products he has researched and assured he was interested in developing projects with some Spanish partner.