Ana Celia Urquidi from TV Azteca is the main part of Las Malcriadas, to be launched on September 18

TV Azteca: Las Malcriadas covers universal topics that make it internationally attractive

05 de septiembre de 2017

Las Malcriadas from TV Azteca is the bet made by Ana Celia Urquidi, general director of Strategic Development and Talent, for the next month. She assures it is a story that touches different threads, mainly two universal topics such as family and love, that makes it attractive to be one of the company´s stars products at international fairs like Mipcom.

“TV is different now, topics are varied and have their niches; however, there are other topics, like family, women´s empowering and love, that will always be universal. The important thing is not to work for something that is already defined, but to look for new stories that can turn out well, generate interest and a wish in people to watch them” she expressed.

These are the reasons why Las Malcriadas has ingredients that, according to the producer, are of great interest: “This production will start being aired on September 18. It covers topics like family, personal and love relations, and that offers a diversity of topics.”

More than 20 years of experience in the production of content, with stories like Mirada de Mujer, La Vida en el Espejo, Capadocia, Infames, El Señor de los Cielos, among others, “has helped me navigate across many platforms and find a diversity of contents waiting to be developed. Mexico is a producer and exporter of telenovelas, but TV has changed and it is important to be at the forefront and evolve with the industry.”