Luis Guillermo Camacho faces the challenge of adapting 3 Familias to Mexican reality

TV Azteca: 3 Familias delivers to the Mexican people the promise that it is always possible to be well
Aliana González, Mexico City|19 de septiembre de 2017

The general production of 3 Familias, that will be launched on Azteca 13 on October 23, couldn’t have been in better hands: Luis Guillermo Camacho, producer of the original versión for Ecuavisa, in Ecuador.

With that experience, Camacho has huge advantages, starting by knowing what the initial problems of the production here. “3 Familias started weekly in Ecuador and the team was fearful about this story –that dealt with specific situations— would become a novela. We did a very good job generating stories that would cross the plotline horizontally, not vertically, and we managed to create the novela. And that is a bit what we are doing here, reproducing that format with topics as if it was a periodic series, but with the love stories of several characters underneath” he said, after mentioning it has classic elements of melodrama and comedy.

The novela´s promise is that “we are all fine”. According to Camacho, this is a great topic. “It is a formula we should always have. Let’s find stories in the most complicated moments, for example when someone has no job and the characters manage to lift themselves up and remember that it is possible to move forward. The country needs to recognize that it is always possible to be well, even in hard times”.

Until recently, Camacho led programs for Azteca 7 such as Enamorándonos and Cocineros Mexicanos, but will now dedicate to getting 3 Familias to reach the same success it did in Ecuador.