Benjamín Salinas, CEO of TV Azteca, at the official inauguration of the shooting of Entre Correr y Vivir

TV Azteca: Entre Correr y Vivir in alliance with Eureka TV and Blim changed the way we produce
Carmen Pizano, Mexico City|12 de agosto de 2016

Entre Correr y Vivir (40x60’), TV Azteca’s new series, started shooting in Mexico with the presence of Benjamín Salinas, CEO of TV Azteca, who clapped the clapperboard to mark the official start of the shooting, and he said: "Collaboration is the future of the industry,” referring to this production with Eureka TV and the alliance with the OTT platform, Blim from Televisa. "This project means we have changed the way we produce, it is a means to leave our castle and open up to independent productions. In this case, Eureka TV is the first we have collaborated with and is also Estudio 7´s first production,” expressed Salinas during the presentation. The panel included Carlos Sandoval from Blim; Rodrigo Fernández, director of Estudio 7; Fidela Navarro from Azteca, and Julián Antuñano from Eureka, who anticipated the production's success. "I hope it is successful, and I am also grateful that they trusted us to be a window for the series. We are looking for content with independent producers and in the case of Entre Correr y Vivir, we liked the story, because it is interesting for all Latin America,” said Carlos Sandoval, director of Blim. Entre Correr y Vivir will be launched on October 17 at 10pm in Mexico on Azteca 7, and on Blim the episodes will be uploaded weekly.