Rodrigo Fernández, CEO of Estudio 7

TV Azteca: Entre Correr y Vivir marks a new stage in the development of the company's super productions for the Mexican market
11 de agosto de 2016

Mexico City is the main location of TV Azteca´s new production, Entre Correr y Vivir, produced by Julián Antuñano, which will debut on the week of October 17th on Azteca 7 and will have Blim as second screen. "With this new production, TV Azteca and specifically Azteca 7, start a new stage in the development of super productions for the Mexican market, with a strategy executed in the different platforms. We are very proud of what is being created in the company and all that is coming, because we are at the level of great international series,” expressed Rodrigo Fernández, CEO of Estudio 7. The series, which includes actors such as Vadhir Derbez, Diego Amozurrutia, Alejandro Camacho, Estefanía Hinojosa, among others, will cover the topic of car racing, depicting the feats of the Rodríguez brothers, pilots who raised the name of Mexico very high and who lost their lives at a young age. "To work on and develop this series has been a great challenge and pleasure for me. An original production created for TV Azteca, with a high level of crew direction that ensures the simplicity of the job and with high quality standards of everyone involved, which is reflected on the screen,” added Julián Antuñano, producer. This project also adapts to the new ways of consuming content, and will be available for the OTT Blim platform, after its debut on TV.