Alberto Ciurana, general director, Conten, and Distribution at TV Azteca

TV Azteca: María Magdalena is the type of fiction we want to deliver to the audience
Aliana González, Mexico City|19 de febrero de 2019

“We are thrilled and optimistic with the debut of María Magdalena on Azteca Siete on February 18 at 9:30pm. A very cared for the story, with a great cast, and I am sure it will please the audience. We want this type of premium fiction because we have the commitment to make very good television,” said Alberto Ciurana, general director, Content and Distribution at TV Azteca during his presentation.

Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine, the production company, together with Sony Pictures Television, highlighted the complexity of building the character and the story. “It is an innovative series in many ways. It is daring with a polemic character. We have aimed to recover the story and understanding the past better. And it is progress in the commercial aspect, because we have a Bible story, made at home and with Mexican actors, thought for the international market.” He also highlighted the way the character of Maria Magdalena as a woman is approached. She knew math, English, in a complicated period for women.

Patricia Jasin, VP of Azteca Internacional, reported that it has already been sold in digital to Netflix, in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, along with open TV in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Angola, and France. In Latin America and the US Sony has the distribution.

The actress María Fernanda Yepes stated that she worked calm and inner peace as a way to approach the life of María Magdalena. She is facing her character with responsibility because it is historical and a religious topic. “Although it is based on historical guidelines, there are certain elements that are fiction.”