Benjamín Salinas shared with the cast the launching of Rosario Tijeras

TV Azteca: Rosario Tijeras is a robust sample of what the company is now in terms of production quality and strategic partnerships
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|03 de noviembre de 2016

Cast, executives and Benjamín Salinas, CEO de TV Azteca, gathered yesterday to watch the first episode of the teleseries Rosario Tijeras, produced by Sony/Teleset, launched Sunday October 30 on Azteca 13. It will be aired from Monday to Friday at 9pm.

During the presentation, Salinas stated that Rosario Tijeras is “a robust sample of what TV Azteca will be from now on: production quality, strategic partnerships, intelligent stories and social controversy, the way TV should be. We will tell real stories that reflect our society and that way start to improve. This is a story of life itself and of a woman who doesn´t give up, an example of perseverance and empowerment. It is a bit of something each one of us has inside, that will captivate the audience.”

He added that a year ago he assumed the position of director of the group and realized urgent changes were necessary, so he decided to carry out a reinvention: “We brought a new way to make and understand TV, decided to put production on pause in order to carefully decide and think over what we wanted to produce and with whom.”

Together with the talent led by Barbara del Regil, José María de Tavira and Antonio Gaona, executives from TV Azteca were also present, such as Rodrigo Fernández, CEO from Azteca 7; Joshua Mintz, Director of Fiction; Ramón García, Distribution VP at Sony Pictures Television; the producer Daniel Ucrós, as well as the directors Chava Cartas and Alejandro Lozano.