Dulce Ávila, TV Azteca Int.: It is incredible that Mexican content can now be sold to Russia, Vietnam, Germany, which was not possible before

TV Azteca announcement of the return of fiction boosts sales
Aliana González, Mexico City|29 de septiembre de 2021

The return of fiction to TV Azteca is one of the best news that Dulce Ávila, Content Distribution Sales Manager for Mexico and Latin America at TV Azteca Internacional, has received since fiction is among the best-selling genres requested by customers.

Un Día para Vivir, which premiered on Azteca 7 on September 6, has already been sold to Peru and is currently in talks with Bolivia, Ecuador, the United States, and a platform. "It is a very different plot, which invites us to reflect on life,” she commented.

Melodrama and love stories are among the most demanded, as well as success stories. “They are requesting us for short series for television and platforms. Asia is becoming a very interesting territory to deliver our content,” she said, adding that they closed an agreement with Flock Entertainment to take Demencia, La Teniente and Drenaje Profundo to India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

She said that after the pandemic, borders have opened more to Latin American content, and in turn, content from foreign countries is well received in the region. That is why TV Azteca Internacional represents several clients from European countries. “It is incredible that Mexican content can now be sold to Russia, Vietnam, Germany, which was not possible before,” she explained. They are also working on a very interesting UK catalog, but that they have not announced yet because they are still in the process of closing the deal.

Other news includes that they are making versions of TV Azteca novels and others that represent the podcast format. On September 7 they released Bajo el Alma, which they adapted to 30 chapters narrated by Ana Gabriela Zavala. “It is a milestone in the current consumption of a format as important as the telenovela. We know by experience that telenovelas are a great success in streaming, we are sure that the adaptation to the podcast format will remain among the preferences of the users,” she said.