Fidela Navarro, director of Signal and Content Distribution at TV Azteca

TV Azteca announces production of the series Entre Correr y Vivir
Vanessa Maldonado, Los Angeles|24 de mayo de 2016

TV Azteca presents its new productions to the international market. Entre Correr y Vivir, based on motor racing, is one of their biggest bets for 2016, together with the episodic series for primetime, Un Día Cualquiera and another one that covers the topic of religion. “We will start with Entre Correr y Vivir, a great series that will debut on Azteca 7, in its relaunching for the end of the year. It is a product that changes the way of producing series and marks an inflection in the topic of contents, and that has the context and pretext of automobilism. Additionally, there will be two novelties that have not been launched yet and will be on Azteca 13: One is Un Día Cualquiera, an episodic series for primetime, and we are preparing another one about religion,” explained Fidela Navarro, director of Signal and Content Distribution at TV Azteca. Navarro also mentioned the bet they are making on taking Mexican wrestling to international territories, “since it is a type of content that is very appealing to other countries.” For Navarro, the main focus is on 2017. However, they will start announcing contents made in co-production with great partners, as well as others entirely their own.