Alberto Ciurana, general director of Content and Distribution at TV Azteca

TV Azteca: Azteca Uno becomes an entirely live channel
31 de julio de 2018

PRODU TV –television platform via Facebook Live, whose main goal is to be an attractive audiovisual content generator for readers and followers— has begun. In its first edition, they presented Alberto Ciurana, general director of Content and Distribution at TV Azteca, who mentioned that starting August, Azteca Uno becomes an entirely live channel.

During the interview, Ciurana mentioned that the channel Azteca Uno will become the first channel in Latin America that will air entertainment and news content live from 6 am to 11pm.

“We changed the strategy for Azteca Uno and starting August we will join the global trend of making Live TV, therefore, Azteca Uno will air live and distinguish content all day.”

As for the recent statements Benjamin Salinas made on TV Azteca and the soccer business, Ciurana emphasized: “The topic is under review and the profit analysis process is long-term. This business must be reviewed constantly and what Benjamín Salinas said is that we will review how profitable the cost of the rating is against the cost of operation. What we are doing in the company is reviewing the matter in a comprehensive way”.

The executive also mentioned that after conducting an evaluation, TV Azteca will stop producing fiction to focus on premium content which the production company Dopamine—part of Grupo Salinas and directed by Fidela Navarro—will be in charge of.

“Dopamine’s mission is to produce international quality high-level content. TV Azteca is not leaving fiction, we are simply choosing our battles better.”