TV Azteca´s CEO, Benjamín Salinas

TV Azteca expands live entertainment programming
24 de mayo de 2018

TV Azteca and CEO Benjamín Salinas take the next step of the company’s Evolution process to expand the production of live entertainment programs to meet a growing audience appetite.

Live entertainment is a winner among audiences and TV Azteca is strengthening its capacity to produce this content, both independently and through co-productions.

"Listening to the audience and understanding what they want has been a fundamental part of our current success at TV Azteca. Mexicans are seeking highest-quality live entertainment, and we are meeting this demand,” said Salinas.

As part of this strategy, TV Azteca has signed an agreement with the production company Acun Medya to increase live entertainment production by 10%, or 300 hours, during 2018.

For 2019, the goal is to increase live entertainment production by 47%, or 1,375 hours, to reach annual production of 4,300 hours.

Acun Medya is a production company of Turkish origin that was founded in 2005 and that has carried out adaptations of live entertainment programs throughout the world.

In Mexico, Acun Medya coproduced with TV Azteca the hits Exatlón and Mi Pareja Puede.

TV Azteca has historically produced 20,000 hours of television programming annually. For 2018, with four national broadcast networks (Azteca Uno, Azteca 7, adn40 and a +), total production will exceed 30,000 hours per year.

The company maintains its support for the production of world-class series with Dopamine; and will maintain co-production ventures such as the one it currently has with Sony for scripted programming.