Sandra Smester of Azteca Uno

TV Azteca: In upcoming years, I see Azteca Uno with live programming and high-quality entertainment
09 de octubre de 2018

Sandra Smester, Executive VP at Azteca Uno in TV Azteca, expressed in #VisitaPRODU that she arrived at the company with Alberto Ciurana, in the aim to change the way the channel was working.

“We created a strategy together with Alberto, Benjamín Salinas and Adrián Ortega, who has been very good and has led us to fulfill promises. We turned Azteca Uno into a live channel, which we promised would have 12 hours entirely live and we already have 18,” said Smester.

The executive assured that the future of Azteca is heading in the same direction they are currently, where they have been producing television these last 11 months. “From now until the next five years, Azteca Uno will continue to be live, and we will have increasingly more high-quality entertainment programs. The strategy is working very well for us.”

Smester also mentioned that producing live programs is not necessarily more costly than producing fiction. “Many of the live productions cost the same as producing fiction, whether it is a series or even a telenovela. And the way to sell it is better, because you generate instantaneous 360 content through the digital team and social networks”.

To end, the interviewee gave several pieces of advice to the new generations that are entering the world of executives in the industry: “You have to know the audience, respect it and know who you are talking to, that is essential. We must always think big,” she ended.