Jorge Gutiérrez, director of TV Azteca Internacional - TV de Paga

TV Azteca Internacional: We continue betting on comedy in AZ Mundo with the launch of 3 Familias and El Albergue
16 de agosto de 2019

TV Azteca Internacional - TV de Paga´s AZ Mundo brings two comedy launches for the entertainment of the international Latin family: 3 Familias and El Albergue.

3 Familias is a sitcom telenovela that tells the life of the Del Pedregal Barroso, the Mejorada Lezama and the Barrio Bravo, three happy marriages that love and respect each other and have everything except the house of their dreams. The TV Azteca production narrates the problems the different social groups face in Mexico every day, and the connecting thread of this story is love.

El Albergue, series starring Héctor Suárez and María Rojo, presents the life of Mrs. Caridad, an 85-year-old woman who is proud to belong to one of the last high-rank lineage families in the country, and her husband, Mr. Tranquilino, a character who prefers to fake Alzheimers and a physical disability so he doesn´t have to tolerate his family. But the greatest conflict of the old house is that the property is in danger of ending up in hands of the government and becoming a shelter.

“We continue betting on having a section of our AZ Mundo programming bar dedicated to comedy, a genre that has been well received by the channel´s followers and that perfectly complements and balances all the primetime bar we are submitting to the consideration of the Latin audience," commented Jorge Gutiérrez, director of TV Azteca Internacional - TV de Paga.

3 Familias will be aired Monday to Friday starting Monday, August 12 at 7pm (Mexico), 6pm (Central America) and 9pm (South America), whereas El Albergue will be launched on September 2 and will be aired from Monday to Friday at 6pm (Mexico), 5pm (Central America) and 8pm (South America).<>