Fidela Navarro, director of Azteca Internacional

TV Azteca Internacional: We placed Las Malcriadas and Dos Lagos on Amazon Prime Video
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de septiembre de 2017

TV Azteca strengthens its presence on digital platforms by placing two of its new original productions on Amazon Prime Video: Las Malcriadas and Dos Lagos.The latter is launched simultaneously with Azteca 7 on November 9, as confirmed by Fidela Navarro, director of Azteca Internacional.

"We have excellent content and that is why we have had great synergy with Amazon, a platform where we have placed extensive catalog, highlighting Las Malcriadas, a story that is very different from what Mexico has seen up to now. We touched topics that had never been touched. We are also going to launch Dos Lagos on November 9, on this platform, simultaneously with Azteca 7, a great production made together with FOX, about paranormal phenomena," she announced.

With this sale, TV Azteca manages to include its contents on the catalog on the main digital platforms in Latin America. On Blind, they placed Entre Correr y Vivir, on Netflix La Fiscal de Hierro and now on Amazon these two productions.