Fidela Navarro, director of TV Azteca Internacion

TV Azteca Internacional: We restructured the area appointing Jorge Gutiérrez director of AZ TV de Paga
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|07 de marzo de 2017

Fidela Navarro, director of TV Azteca Internacional, shared the changes made in this unit, highlighting the designations of Jorge Gutiérrez to the direction of AZ TV de Paga and Adriana Bustos as director of the Production Division.

TV Azteca Internacional, led by Fidela Navarro, is being restructured and places Jorge Gutiérrez at the top of the AZ TV de Paga unit. He previously performed as commercial director. They are also strengthening the Production area with Adriana Bustos as Director and the creation of a rights central that handles the company’s entire intellectual property.

“The restructuring in TV Azteca has led us to make changes in the area that I direct, where Jorge Gutiérrez will lead the AZ TV de Paga unit, as well as its Commercial Direction, in the aim to face challenges in terms of ad sales, subscription and production. Adriana Bustos, for her part, will be in charge of the Production Division. The team has worked hand in hand with Carlos Monterrey from Programming on relaunching the AZ Clic! signal, that will be ready in Andina Link,” she explained.

Lastly, regarding contents, she highlighted the performance of La Fiscal de Hierro, an 11:11 production that has already been acquired by Univision, Netflix and Latin American countries such as Ecuador.