Patricia Jasin, VP of TV Azteca Internacional

TV Azteca Internacional: With great success in markets and more original production
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|16 de noviembre de 2018

Patricia Jasin, VP of TV Azteca Internacional, assured that TV Azteca has transformed, developed and grown from the inside, change that can be seen in their results, and the reason why they are doing so well in all the markets they visit. This week they will be present at MIP Cancún.

“To MIP Cancún we are taking María Magdalena for the clients in Europe, Asia, and Africa; we also have a short, premium series, Demencia, produced by Blue Print; Mundo Metro, a documentary on the subway in Mexico City, from the pay TV production area; and the format La Academia, we went out to sell very strongly, because its new season just ended very successfully on Azteca Uno,” he assured.

The executive highlighted that they will additionally present a daily program on AZ Mundo, as well as all the novelas on their catalog, many of which are remasterized.

More original production and launches are coming for pay TV, for example, a series of specials with Mexican themes, but with an international gaze, for 2019.

She stated that TV Azteca Internacional successfully joined the digital effort, led by Emilio Aliaga, because even though they are a B2B area, they understand that social platforms are paths to expand and share the company´s message. "We are integrating to the newest in digital. We are doing very well in the markets and people are aproaching us with business proposals all the time.”