Alberto Ciurana, director of Content and Distribution at TV Azteca: We haven`t lowered salaries, everybody is working

TV Azteca: Our personnel is our greatest asset
12 de mayo de 2020

Alberto Ciurana, director of Content and Distribution at TV Azteca, was on a special edition of #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra sharing his vision of this moment. He explained that on en TV Azteca they haven`t stopped working, because they have “the social responsibility of serving the audience and delivering entertainment and information”.

“We haven`t lowered salaries, everybody is working. We have reduced our grid costs, maintaining it at rational costs before laying off people. We are taking care of this company´s most important asset that is its people”.

They keep a programming strategy for Azteca Uno with live content; however, they have taken prevention measures in the production of the programs, which include healthy distancing in forums, as well as eliminating the audience and guests. They have also delayed productions, such as Survivor —which they will bring to Mexico for the first time in June— and the new seasons of La voz, MasterChef, Exatlón and a new format, for the second semester of the year,

He highlighted that their production agreement with the Turkish company Acun Medya has also helped them maintain their programming, and the same goes for Disney. "We have no need to buy content now if we are careful with how we program. If you are not perceiving income from leveled sales, you have to take care of the grid, entertain people at balanced costs".

Ciurana maintains an optimistic vision of the situation, which he considers complex. However, he assures that there are also opportunities that arise, such as the three-hour program they will launch on Sunday, May 10, as a tribute to mothers, which they managed to do with remote production supported by digital resources. "It has been a great finding. We have found new formulas".

Watch video of Alberto Ciurana on #PRODUprimetime