Adriana Bustos, director of Production at AZ TV de Paga

TV Azteca: The reality 4x4 Historias de Cine is a door to take digital talent to pay TV
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|27 de abril de 2018

The reality 4x4 Historias de Cine, to be launched next May 2 on AZ Cinema, the signal from AZ TV de Paga, is the first that this division of TV Azteca makes, and in which they manage to take Internet talent to TV, and which could have versions produced in other countries the signal reaches.

“This reality will allow us to approach a younger demographic. Normally, we are consumed by adults and elderly adults, who like Mexican cinema; however, now, we are spicing things up with these contents in which we offer the opportunity to talent who already have digital as their first window, to be taken to pay TV. We are opening our doors to new content producers that will give plenty to talk about,” explained Adriana Bustos, director of Production at AZ TV de Paga.

Bustos announced the interest in producing this content in countries such as Colombia, Argentina or the US, markets the signal reaches and where they have open doors with local digital creators.