Benjamín Salinas, VP of the Board of Directors of Grupo Salinas: Mexico is a hotbed of talent

TV Azteca: This year we will produce almost three times fiction as in 2022
Vanessa Maldonado|29 de marzo de 2023

Benjamín Salinas, VP of the Board of Directors of Grupo Salinas, mentioned the importance of promoting production, making of CDMX one of the most attractive in the world during the presentation of the Statistical Yearbook of the Film Commission of Mexico City, where he was a special guest. He also announced that this year TV Azteca will bet on creating more quality fiction content.

"We cannot be left behind as a country, we see other markets with great competitive advantages and we have to do something to get there because Mexico is a hotbed of talent and we are developing our people's potential and losing them to other countries with better conditions than ours. TV Azteca is contributing with thousands of hours of production per year, in addition to the thousands of employees we have; We believe that entertainment will never end and this industry has to flourish, with the necessary support and facilities to have products that benefit the final consumer”, he said.

Regarding the return of Lo que callamos las mujeres, Salinas assured that it is time for TV Azteca to return to fiction, so that in 2023 they will be investing more in these productions. "I am convinced that there is room for good fiction, with stories that can move this country, not just by making them, but that can change the country. We're doing a lot of episodic fiction, and this year's budget dictates that we'll do double or triple what we did last year."

He did not rule out telenovelas returning to their screens, as long as the scripts are good. "We need creators, here we have a very good one like Epigmenio Ibarra, who always has good ideas and with whom I would work again."

He added that they will continue with strategic alliances as the axis of their business model. "Having more national and international players is the key to success, because together we can create a global impact."