Adriana Bustos, Production director at TV Azteca Internacional

TV Azteca: We are doing the program Vida y Salud in alliance with HITN from Miami
Aliana González, Mexico City|06 de diciembre de 2018

A co-production with the channel HITN —a health magazine— and a docu-reality with stories that happen on the Mexico City subway, are two of the programs that TV Azteca will soon have on their cable screens.

Adriana Bustos, Production director at TV Azteca Internacional, reported that it is the first time they partner with HITN and that it worked out very well, so they are studying the possibility of assuming new projects together.

“Vida y Salud is a two-hour program we are doing in 68 episodes, which we are going to launch in the first semester of 2019, probably in February on AZ Mundo. We are shooting it at Azteca Novelas and there it will be possible to find all the information on medical topics and the latest in recommendations. We will likely program it once a week,” said Bustos.

The other format they will launch in the first semester of 2019 is Mundo Metro, made in co-production with Omava, the production company of Alerta Aeropuerto. “It is a very interesting program, we are entering the city´s entrails and we will be able to see the stories that take place in the Mexico City subway every day,” she adds.

During the production, they were vigilant to the situations so they could shoot at the moment they took place. After, they write the script and build on the real fact. "It is the first time a reality is made on the subway, and you can imagine the number of stories from baby deliveries to fights that take place there," Bustos said.