Jorge Gutiérrez, TV Azteca Internacional / TV Paga: Mexico is a market that moves quickly and we try to meet the consumers’ expectations

TV Azteca: We are focused on increasing the channels’ content offer
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de julio de 2022

TV Azteca Internacional / TV Paga, directed by Jorge Gutiérrez, is constantly improving due to the growth of the distribution of the portfolio of Mundo, Corazón, Clic, and Cinema channels in the region, aiming to increase its presence by 2023 to countries like Spain through Samsung TV Plus.

They recently closed agreements, particularly in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Guatemala. “In Mexico, we launched Azteca Uno -1hrs on Samsung TV Plus - and by the second half of the year, Corazón and Clic were included in this same platform. Europe will follow increasing distribution in Spain using the same platform by the middle of 2022 or the beginning of 2023”, he said.

He highlighted the agreement with the Canadian operator Toober to begin the distribution of Corazón, Clic, and Cinema on the platforms in Canada. Likewise, they agreed with TV RED Digital to distribute their portfolio to all the ISPs in Colombia and the Andean region.

“This year we are focused on maintaining and growing the content offer of the channels. Mundo offers new and strong programming for its primetime; we are broadcasting our show La Academia 20 Aniversario, on Saturdays and Sundays. In October we will incorporate Exatlón and with this, we seek to wrap up the offer of this entertainment channel. Corazón continues to premiere telenovelas, as it is the most requested genre by the female audience in Latin America. Clic took a turn in its programming and is offering the audience a whole new mosaic of content. Cinema continues to incorporate restored films from classic Mexican cinema,” he added.

For Gutiérrez, Mexico is a market that moves quickly and he tries to meet the consumers’ expectations, “today a lot of content is being produced in the national territory and consumption is high. Everything that is produced in this country and consumed here also has a strong and convincing opportunity in other countries; in the end, it is produced for the Latino and Spanish-speaking family.”

Finally, he mentioned that audience loyalty is the central challenge for linear channels and entertainment platforms: "Maintaining and increasing audience is a daunting task that can only be achieved by serving what the public wants to see and offering attractive and well-produced content”.