Fidela Navarro, director of Content and Signal Distribution at TV Azteca

TV Azteca: We are producing three superseries in house, including Rosario Tijeras and two other that will be presented in Mipcom

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|16 de agosto de 2016

Entre Correr y Vivir is one of the first projects with which TV Azteca aims to break molds and create a new structure to offer content to its audience, as expressed by Fidela Navarro, director of Content and Signal Distribution at TV Azteca, who announced that they are already working on three projects in this superseries format: Rosario Tijeras and two more that will be presented in the next edition of Mipcom in October. "We are very happy with this series from the Distribution and Content area, because it is a watershed and the first time we have a joint launch on an open TV channel and an SVOD like Blim for Latin America. We are interested in the series success on this platform and for the platform to have more subscribers. With this we add promotion efforts in both windows for the entire region,” explained Navarro. The director announced that in this new stage in TV Azteca’s path, they are seeking to innovate in genres and formats and, as a TV station, they are already betting on their own contents, like Entre Correr y Vivir, now with the Mexican version of Rosario Tijeras, that will be ready at the end of November and two others, that will tentatively be called Nada Personal and La Fiscal de Hierro, with Joshua Mintz at the head of the project: "Those series are born 100% in Azteca and we are looking for partners to collaborate. We estimate that in November we will begin to shoot the last two, in order to be on the air between January and May 2017.”