Emilio Aliaga, VP at TV Azteca Digital

TV Azteca: We are seeking to be a comprehensive solution for advertisers
Cristian Vergara / Manuela Walfenzao|01 de noviembre de 2018

Digital is already part of the DNA of television, according to Emilio Aliaga, VP at TV Azteca Digital. During FOMLA 2018, he explained that they are truly immersed in this environment. "When we think of and develop a show today, we do it thinking of all the digital and social extensions, using our assets and third-party platforms," he said.

According to the executive, advertising slots will not disappear from television content, "I think they have their goal and are vital in communications, and that is why advertisers are there. They reach a large number of users that can be perfectly measured and quantified, but today, digital is a very important complement of advertiser strategies," he said.

He mentioned that today, their commercial strengths are united and merged. "Proposals are joint thinking about taking audiences to the client, both in television and in digital, and today, our proposals are more based on data and on knowing our audience much better to give advertisers complete solutions. Currently, TV Azteca Digital is the network´s fifth channel, it is not a foreign area. We seek to be a comprehensive solution for advertisers."

Aliaga mentioned that for them it is very important to be in FOMLA. “We are doing very innovative things with great results and part of the responsibility of being a big publisher in Latin America is to come and learn from the rights and wrongs of our colleagues."