Ana Celia Urquidi

TV Azteca: We are seeking to make deep portraits of characters
29 de junio de 2017

Ana Celia Urquidi celebrated her first year in TV Azteca, after a long career path in Argos. Sher is currently General Director of Strategic Development and Talent. Urquidi states that what the company is seeking right now is to render complexity to its stories. “We are moving towards making much deeper portraits of characters in their daily conflicts”.

Urquidi reported that one of her interests is to move towards what the audience of the region is finding in Turkish, Korean and Greek contents. “We are looking for new challenges, new stories. If the market is going to change to a different place, like the saying says, either you move or you are moved. Then, we must adapt to those changes if we want to continue existing and surviving in this media.”

The executive expressed that TV Azteca is currently not interested in developing miniseries, nor 120 or 140-episode projects. “We want to work with formats that have 60 or 80 episodes.”

Urquidi also mentioned they are open to co-productions. “Co-productions are necessary, they allow you to learn about different aspects of productions and offer a very important cultural exchange. We are willing to do them.”