Alberto Ciurana, Adal Ramones, host, and Sandra Smester from Azteca Uno, officially presented the new edition of La Academia

TV Azteca: We celebrate 25 years of rescuing La Academia as our most important franchise
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|10 de julio de 2018

Six years after the last time it was aired, the reality show La Academia returned to the screen of Azteca Uno next Sunday July 8 at 8pm, with Adal Ramones as its host and with the intention to return to the basic elements that made this project one of the most successful for the TV station. This is how TV Azteca will celebrate its first 25 years. Distribution will be under the responsibility of TV Azteca Internacional and it will be aired simultaneously on the pay TV signal Az Mundo.

“With Benjamín Salinas we spoke about the best way to celebrate TV Azteca´s 25th anniversary and concluded that the best thing was to rescue the company’s most important franchise, La Academia, recovering the essence of the first generation. It will have 13 concerts and we will be on the air until the last Sunday in September. We will also have an interactive application in which the audience will be able to vote from their homes, interact and see what is behind this project,” commented Alberto Ciurana, Content and Distribution director of TV Azteca.

Meanwhile, Arturo López Gavito, who will be one of the jurors, assured that La Academia was “sick” for a while, “but is now reborn with the commitment of adapting to the reality of current times, when music is consumed in a different way and social networks have great power. This is a multi-format concept focused on resuming the essence and the priority is each of the participants´ career.”

During the presentation, they revealed that, together with López Gavito, the singers Edith Máquez and Edwin Luna, as well as the TV critic Horacio Villalobos, will be in the jury.

Likewise, the teachers and the 17 aspiring contestants of the reality were presented.