Benjamín Salinas, CEO of TV Azteca

TV Azteca: We launched Dopamine as the architect of intellectual property
17 de octubre de 2017

During the event at MIPCOM for the celebration of TV Azteca´s 25th anniversary, its CEO, Benjamín Salinas, announced the launch of Dopamine, a new idea incubator and production company from the Grupo Salinas, that is starting off with a US$200 million fund.

Salinas describes Dopamine as the “architect of intellectual property, with good concepts and original ideas”.

He explains that they have always been a local player and that locally they have good products with which they gain terrain every day, but that as the market has changed, the audience needs increasingly better contents and that today there are few who make content. “We need to have more productions so that the audience can have more entertainment, that is why we are setting up Dopamine, that is a global, not just a local company. We are going to have alliances with the best production companies worldwide, to make quality products, speaking in every sense, mainly regarding budgets.”

He states that they will have expensive, well-made series, with the best scripts and talent. To achieve high-quality productions, he points out, is something that cannot be done in traditional television, “because of that business model, capable of those production levels, no longer exists, but at an international scope, it is possible.”

He also said that Dopamine will not aim for open TV nor specifically for Azteca, “it is for the world, our clients are going to be all the TV stations in the world, and TV Azteca can be one of them.”