Joshua Mintz, Deputy to the Chairman at TV Azteca

TV Azteca: We want to be the magnet that attracts people who want to work for the creative freedom and the production quality we offer
18 de octubre de 2016

Joshua Mintz, Deputy to the Chairman at TV Azteca, offered an exclusive interview to PRODU, on the first occasion he speaks after his arrival to the TV station. He presented his ideas about the challenge it is for him to participate in the transformation of TV Azteca, as well as the strategies to face the competition.

He mentioned that they have the necessary budget to produce with the quality values that are required, which is why they already bought F55 cameras, but they will look for creativity -that is the most important thing- wherever it is, and that the doors are open to talent. “We want people to work at TV Azteca because the project appeals to them and because we have the quality and freedom they are looking for.”

Hard work, he explained, is what is required to beat the competition. “We are going to do everything we possibly can with the marvelous team we have,” he expressed, after adding Ana Celia Urquini and Jorge Tijerina.

Mintz stated that in November they will start the production of La Fiscal de Hierro (80x80´), which they will produce together with Manolo Cardona, as well as 11:11 and Desaparecida, a mystery thriller that has 120 episodes. Additionally, the production they have already started, Rosario Tijeras, together with Sony Pictures Television (SPT) “La Fiscal de Hierro is based on the true story of a Colombian prosecutor who is judging evil and has a lot of problems because she is incorruptible. It is not a narco novela, because it covers many other crimes,” he clarified.