Camacho supports co-productions in Mexico

TV Azteca: We will continue betting on co-productions that today dictate TV in Mexico
Vanessa Maldonado|10 de agosto de 2017

TV Azteca will continue betting on co-productions, after the success of recent formats like Cocineros Mexicanos, together with FremantleMedia, assured Luis Guillermo Camacho, Content Development VP at Azteca 7.

“Co-productions are a TV process that means creating synergies that benefit everybody, in terms of budgets, content development and I am sure that the route continues to be co-producing with big production companies,” he commented.

He explained that the success of formats like Cocineros Mexicanos, that recently hosted an autograph-signing event that had a great audience response, is due to its intention of approaching the audience in a schedule “in which people want useful content, that tells them how to use knowledge for their day-to-day and this program fulfils this proposal. It is content that leaves aside the traditional cooking program or realities like MasterChef; it is something new for Mexican TV and for advertisers, who approach us every day to be part of it. This is an incentive to continue taking productions to our screen.”

It is worth mentioning that Cocineros Mexicanos is now on a new schedule thanks to its success. It was on Azteca 7 at 2pm and is now on Azteca 13 at 12pm.