Fidela Navarro, director of TV Azteca Internacional

TV Azteca: We will present in LA Screenings the new social drama Las Malcriadas
16 de mayo de 2017

TV Azteca Internacional will present in LA Screenings their new production, Las Malcriadas, a social drama considered by Fidela Navarro, director of this division, as innovative and provoking.

“It covers, from different perspectives, a social issue in which all social classes are reflected, and it can be extrapolated to many countries. Through modern TV storytelling, a plot that is well-defined and intense, and characters with great emotional depth, this production will not only entertain and engage the audience, but also arouse big debate in the field. There is no doubt it will be what we feel is the new TV,” commented Navarro.

The details of this production will be revealed during this market.