Rodrigo Fernández, director of Azteca 7

TV Azteca: We will relaunch Azteca 7 in September and have the debut of the Mexican version of Lip Sync Battle in an alliance with Viacom
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|07 de abril de 2016

After being appointed director of Azteca 7, Rodrigo Fernández, mentioned to PRODU that in upcoming months new entertainment bets are coming, highlighting the launch of the reality Abandonados, as well as the broadcast in June of the Mexican version of Lip Sync Battle, in co-production with Viacom; and the relaunching of the series in September. “In September we will relaunch the channel, but in the meantime, we'll air the adventure reality, Abandonados, and also broadcast on Thursdays starting in June, the Mexican version of Lip Sync Battle together with our Viacom partners (MTV and Comedy Central). For the latter, we already have a host, who we'll soon announce”, explained the director. Fernández highlighted Lucha Azteca as one of the channel´s greatest bets, Fridays at 6pm, which represents the return of wrestling to open broadcast TV: “This sport has crossed borders and that is why we decided to venture into this new entertainment bet. It renders continuity to the success we've had with the airing of Fútbol Azteca and Box Azteca, because our narration is different from what we are used to in this type of competition”, he ended. Lucha Azteca is broadcast in alliance with the Liga Elite, narrated by Daniel Padilla, ex Shocker wrestler and the analyst Gerardo Melin.