Joshua Mintz, deputy to the Presidency and Fiction director of TV Azteca

TV Azteca: With 3 Familias we complete our primetime with original production
14 de septiembre de 2017

Joshua Mintz, deputy to the Presidency and Fiction director of TV Azteca, stated during the initial clapboard of 3 Familias, Azteca 13's new bet for its comedy bar, that it will close the year with three productions of their own in primetime. "From here until the end of October, we will have three original telenovelas on the air in the following schedules: 7:30pm, 8:30pm and 9:30pm. This is TV Azteca's big bet, to have original production on the three main primetime schedules” he said.

Mintz is referring to La Hija Pródiga and Las Malcriadas, along with 3 Familias, that will have its debut on October 23. Las Malcriadas will be launched on September 18, and he cannot reveal the launching date of La Hija Pródiga. Other production formats are the second season of Rosario Tijeras, in pre-production to launch in mid-2018, and La Bandida, made with Sony, currently in production.

Luis Guillermo Camacho, general producer of 3 Familias, who was the producer when it was made for the first time in Ecuavisa, said it is a marvelous opportunity to be able to produce the same product twice in two different countries. "The adaptation is amazing. There are very similar things, but also marvelous differences between the two productions."

Camacho revealed that when it was made in Ecuador, there was fear over turning it into a novela since it was originally aired once a week. "We successfully did a very good job in generating stories that crossed it, and in Ecuador, they are already writing the fourth season," he assured.