Elisa Salinas, general producer

TV Azteca: With Nada Personal we are entirely changing the story told 20 years ago

Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|30 de marzo de 2017

TV Azteca began recordings of their new series Nada Personal (80x60’), under the general production of Elisa Salinas, in which the concept of the telenovela aired in 1996 with the same title is recovered. The Venezuelan Alberto Barrera repeats as the author of this version.

“We are telling an entirely different story than the one we told 20 years ago. There is a woman who is struggling in a world of powerful men. The plot has to do with this woman´s quest to find herself, to seek justice, and defeat her enemies. It has to do with female empowerment. We have new scripts and the common point with the previous story is that there is a woman who is a victim of the system,” expressed Salinas.

Another difference between the two stories, according to Salinas, was to forego the telenovela language and use the series format, instead. In this sense, there are no repetitions nor justification of the passing of time. Regarding the difference between series and telenovelas, for the producer, the main thing is the change in content and topic, more than the number of episodes.

The executive producer, Fides Velasco, assured that the project will be shot mostly on locations in Mexico City, although they will eventually travel to the countryside: "We have been working on this project for a long time, and the audience is going to like it a lot."

The debut of Nada Personal will be on Azteca Trece May 22 at 9pm.