Dulce Ávila, TV Azteca Internacional: The pan-regional format brings together participants from different Latin American countries

TV Azteca: With a pan-regional version we are celebrating 20 years of La Academia
06 de abril de 2022

Dulce Ávila, Sales manager of TV Azteca Internacional, announced the production of La Academia in a pan-regional version to celebrate 20 years of the format in Mexico. She added that this division will take over the distribution of the Mexican can of Exatlón.

“This year we celebrate 20 years of La Academia, an emblematic format of TV Azteca which was released in 2021 in Greece as House of Fame: La Academia through Skai TV. The pan-regional format brings together participants from different Latin American countries. We already have between four and five territories,” she commented.

Within the framework of MIP TV 2022, Ávila mentioned that now TV Azteca Internacional will be distributing the Mexican can of Exatlón, as an agreement with Acun Medya, owners of the format: “We have produced six very strong seasons and we are sure that it will reach more territories”.

Regarding content that is traveling as part of its catalog for the international market, Ávila said that the most recent is Rutas de la Vida, which marks its return to serials: "It is a unit of 60 one-hour episodes, which Its guiding line are means of transport such as taxi, subway or airplane, where two people meet in a moment of crisis, and help each other. It is colorful, with different content, with a lot of music, passion, and love. We just premiered it on open TV in Mexico and it is one of the products to be distributed in this market”.

Finally, she said that one of the greatest lessons of the pandemic is that classic content has not lost value, and on the contrary, “we all turn to it, we have brought them back to the media, not only traditional but also to the platforms. We managed to appeal to nostalgia. TV Azteca and other players in the industry turned to this, at a time when we could not go out to produce when everything stopped due to the lockdown and there were not many tools. So this content became an important resource that we reached out to buying and distributing it.”