Adriana Bustos, Prodction Director at AZ TV de Paga

TV Azteca: With several original productions for our AZ TV de Paga channels
09 de febrero de 2018

Fenómeno Luz, the second season of De Telenovelas; De Telenovelas El Espectáculo De Las Emociones; the second season of Video Link and the recent launch of Espacio Shorts México, are the productions that TV Azteca is preparing for its AZ Mundo, AZ Corazón, AZ Cinema and AZ Clic channels, informed Adriana Bustos, Production director at AZ TV de Paga. Another new content is Indomable Por Naturaleza, but it will be produced by Arturo Islas and not by the channel.

Bustos explained that Fenómeno Luz is hosted by Daniel López Casadín. "It is a magazine about the unusual, a space in which we will be able to cover mystical topics, unexplained enigmas and other things of the sort, from an entertainment perspective,” said Bustos, after mentioning that the program will come out the second quarter of the year.

"We are also about to launch De Telenovelas, second season, in March. The first season was very successful and we are now checking the transition from the telenovela to the series, micro-series, teleseries and other genders,” she explained, after stating that also in the first quarter they will launch De Telenovelas El Espectáculo De Las Emociones. They are working on the production of Video Link, second season, with Ricardo Casares and Sol Madrigal.

"These are the productions we are busy with for our channels and we are very prouod of the recent debut of Espacio Shorts México. We reach more than 25 Latin American countries, the US, some cities in Europe and Africa" she said, concluding.