Patricia Oliva, founder and president of TVONET
TVONET: We want to offer high-quality and economical OTT service for U.S. Hispanics
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|02 de septiembre de 2014

Patricia Oliva is the founder and president of TVONET, company that aspires to offer an economical OTT service to Hispanics in the Washington, DC and Maryland area. Oliva has 23 years of TV, radio and print journalism experience in the local market. She tells PRODU that for over a year she has been testing and improving the platform in preparation for its launch. In addition to the video streaming service, Oliva and her team offer an internet-based local TV channel, Te Veo Net. “There is great economic potential because there is no competition in the Hispanic market for local internet-based TV. Some of the alternatives in general market include Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, and many of them have content offers similar to Netflix and Hulu Plus, but do not cater to the Hispanic market,” said Oliva. Another element that justifies this endeavor is the fact that traditional pay-TV services require contracts and credit checks that many Hispanic do not qualify for. TVONET already has a network of popular distributors in the Hispanic community such as supermarkets, check-cashing stores, and specialty stores, among others. To receive the service, clients can do it through pre-paid cards that can be replenished monthly or by signing up to yearly subscriptions. Oliva is currently looking for a partner that can provide programming and set-top boxes, so that she can launch the service. “We would provide the platform and the audience,” she added. More info. {}