Santiago Kuribreña, senior manager of Alliances with Media for Twitter Mexico

Twitter Mexico: We want to emphasize the relevance that users have in this platform in order to remain updated
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|10 de marzo de 2015

As was previously announced in PRODU, Santiago Kuribreña, Televisa Network´s former Advertising and Promotion director, joined Twitter Mexico, where he will hold the position of senior manager of Alliances with Media, as part of the expansion of the company in this country. "I feel very happy to embark upon this new adventure in Twitter. We share the vision of the importance of connecting users with information and content generators, delivering to their hands in real time the best of what is happening around the world. We want to emphasize the relevance and the key role they play in the platform, given that currently the tendency of our users is to remain informed and updated thanks to Twitter", said the director. Kuribreña will be responsible for strategic alliances with content generators, offering his advice for them to achieve a closer and more efficient communication with their audiences, and making them content information vehicles in order for them to be quality contents that impact their communities and media businesses under the strategic use of the wide range of products and tools Twitter has to offer. The aim of the company in the Mexican market is to open doors and increase their presence in sectors of the business in order to give their clients and users a better service, understanding the needs of this market.