Juan Cabral, Argentine director: Launching Two/One on MUBI exposed the film to a larger audience

Two/One Juan Cabral´s opera prima
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|13 de noviembre de 2020

The film Two/One, opera prima of the Argentine director Juan Cabral, had its global debut on MUBI, the streaming platform for moviegoers, on October 10. The film, shot in Canada and China, with a cast made up of Boyd Holbrook, Song Yang, Beau Bridges, Zhu Zhu, and Dominique McElligot; is in English and Chinese. Cabral, in addition to directing, was the writer of the film.

“For me, it was beneficial to come out on MUBI, because many more people saw it than if it had been released in movie theaters since it is an independent film. It was a very nice experience. This platform accompanied me a great deal during the pandemic, it is very nice for moviegoers. It has a fantastic archive of movie jewels, it doesn´t have that addictive Netflix element, but it is like a fascinating library that is more difficult to enter, but has a greater reward," specified Cabral, who had previously been devoted to the direction of advertising commercials and musical clips.

He comments that shooting commercials was a sort of school. "The film is a larger canvas, with a great deal of freedom. This film is made for thinking and I hope it moves viewers. It does not fit into a specific genre," he explained.

He mentioned that directing for cinema is an intense experience, however, he feels that sometimes there are more demands in a two-minute commercial due to the pressure, but in a movie, there are other pressures, such as budgets.

Regarding the pandemic, he mentioned that he is still trying to understand what is going on, but was immediately activated. He recalled that he directed the musical recitals, Codo a Codo, with Mercado Libre, in a virtual manner, shooting with remote control cameras. “I always like to do something live, and not repeat myself”.

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