La Bella y Las Bestias

UCI’s Upfront highlights entertaining, within-culture content
15 de mayo de 2018

UCI’s 2018-19 season features a content lineup led by dynamic live sports, music, news and unscripted entertainment by new and diverse creative voices spanning eight culturally relevant genres. 

“This year’s Upfront is about Culture Unbound, a tribute to the relationship we’ve established with our community that has made us the destination of choice for 25 consecutive seasons. We know the best way to connect with our audience is through live News, Sports, Music and unscripted entertainment, which we deliver across our portfolio every day, and is our key differentiator in the market,” said Randy Falco, president and Chief Executive Officer, UCI.

“We have gone to great lengths and made substantial investments in our content strategy to maintain UCI’s position as the leading destination for Hispanics in this changing marketplace,” said Isaac Lee, Chief Content Officer, UCI.

Jessica Rodríguez, president & Chief Operating Officer, UCI Networks and CMO, UCI, added: “With initiatives such as the global Spanish-language TV pilot season and continued partnerships with the new generation of content creators, we will entertain via within-culture content that incorporates the elements we know our audience loves while enabling their discovery of non-traditional genres such as sword-and-sandal and supernatural.”

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