Víctimas del Divorcio

Ultra Clásico presents masterpieces from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema every Sunday from July, 3rd at 9pm
30 de junio de 2016

The Spanish-language movie channel Ultra Clásico will present five iconic classics and award-winning movies as part of the monthly special programming block, Clásicos de Oro. The films, which have been restored in HD, represent masterpieces created by filmmakers who are remembered also for their magnificent work as screenwriters in some of the films they directed. They include Julio Bracho (1909-1978), Alejandro Galindo (1906-1999), Fernando A. Rivero (1908-1971), and Víctor Manuel Castro (1924-2001). Every Sunday of July at 9pm, the network will offer their viewers a glimpse into the beauty of these films and the genius of the filmmakers who flourished during the exciting time of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. “We hope that our audience can tune in during Clásicos de Oro and enjoy these masterful classics,” stated Jesus Piñango, director of TV Content Strategy. The carefully curated selection of movies are: La Ausente (July 3rd); Los Maistros Albañiles (July 10); Y Mañana Serán Mujeres (July 17); Víctimas del Divorcio (July 24); y Los Miserables (July 31). “All these masters belong to a generation of filmmakers that galvanized the industry with productions that became jewels of the history of Mexican cinema,” said Piñango.