Regional Mexican music singer Luis Coronel

Ultra Fiesta: With Twitter party we want to start creating a stronger presence on social networks

Geraldine Moncada|05 de mayo de 2016

The music channel Ultra Fiesta, one of Olympusat´s products, had its first Twitter party for music fans on May 4th. It is the first event of this type made by the channel and Luis Jairala, host, producer and manager of Ultra Fiesta, hopes “the audience enjoyed the Ultra Fiesta so we can have many more”. Starting at 9pm users of the social network in the US and Puerto Rico started competing to win four prizes that would be given every 15 minutes by the influencers that Ultra Fiesta chose as hosts of the event. José Resendez, Rosy Cordero, Las Gringas Blogs and Top Trending Mag were in charge of asking the questions for people to take part in the competition. With these influencers, Ultra Fiesta seeks to generate more interaction and reach a broader audience. “The idea of this Twitter Party is to start creating a stronger presence on social networks”, commented Jairala to PRODU. "The channel is 100% focused on music, but we also create original production segments to refresh the screen with content that isn’t directly related with music, but with lifestyle and cinema”. This digital party also included a special guest, the regional Mexican music singer Luis Coronel, who answered questions about his career and his new projects, and and signed all the prizes that delivered at the party.