El Marginal by Underground

Underground tackles the environmental impact on the set of El Marginal
25 de junio de 2021

In each production, even with the minimum number of people on set, about 3,200 plastic containers can be generated at the end of a week. With this number increasing, the production of El Marginal by Underground decided to contact the El Correcaminos cooperative, so they can be in charge of collecting, cleaning, and recycling all plastic waste to turn it into wood-plastic composite and, therefore, proving their firm commitment to the environment.

This step of greater awareness is increasingly necessary, due to the enormous increase in the amount of waste in productions, since the general protocol for the prevention of covid-19 during the recordings of fictions for film, television, and content for audiovisual platforms, in which the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the ministries stipulate that catering services must present individual meats, with cutlery, glasses and disposable bottles.

And even more when we talk about El Marginal, which recently completed the shooting of season four and began with the fifth season, as it is considered one of the largest productions of the entire series both in the story and in the number of actors and extras.

El Correcaminos cooperative was born in 2011, and in ten years its creator, Coco Niz, has structured a company that follows the social purpose of generating decent employment for those who collect recyclable waste, favoring the human ecosystem through ecology.