El Chivo is a co-production of RTI Colombia and Televisa

UniMás premieres the series El Chivo a coproduction of RTI and Televisa
23 de septiembre de 2014

UniMás premiered El Chivo, a new series based on the novel La Fiesta del Chivo from the brilliant mind of Peruvian Nobel Prize in Literature recipient Mario Vargas Llosa, and produced by RTI and Televisa. El Chivo debuted on UniMás in September 23 at 10pm ET/PT (9pm Central). Set in the 1950, El Chivo combines historical facts with fictional elements to portray dictatorial power in Latin America and the Caribbean through the life of the Dominican Republic’s most abusive dictator, Rafael Trujillo (Julio Bracho), known as El Chivo, whose regime was notorious for political persecutions, fascination for women, cruelty and corruption. Trujillo overthrows the previous dictator and becomes president surrounding himself with an inner circle of loyal followers, including his own brother Práxedes (Abel Rodríguez), Rosita (Laura Ramos), an artist with a dark past, Johnny Abbes (Juan Sebastián Calero), an amoral character who becomes the terror of the regime, and last but not least, Mariana Durán (Eileen Moreno), his devoted wife and charismatic First Lady. El Chivo is a co-production of RTI Colombia and Televisa with a screenplay written by Kiko Olivieri, and is executive produced by Patricio Wills (La Viuda Negra).