Enamorándonos returns for a new season

UNIMÁS unveils new prime time programming block
27 de julio de 2022

UNIMÁS kicks off a new programming block this summer on August 22 with the premiere of Siéntese Quien Pueda hosted by Julián Gil. The new live entertainment show melds current events, celebrity news, and pop culture discussions from journalists, celebrities, and social media experts.

The show will air live Monday through Friday at 7pm/6pm central on UNIMÁS, and is produced for TelevisaUnivision by We Love Entertainment, Carlos Mesber's production company.

In addition, Enamorándonos, returns for a new season. Rafael Araneda, Ana Patricia, Migbelis Castellanos, and the entire production of this show return to their usual nightly schedule 8pm/7pm central, after a well-deserved break.

The third season of Reto 4 Elementos: Naturaleza Extrema, hosted by the actress and entrepreneur Montserrat Oliver, is now changing its schedule and format, filling the 10pm/9pm central time slot and going from two-hour episodes to one-hour episodes, where the excitement and drama of this star-studded battle continues.