Lucha Underground (39x60’)

United Artists Media Group: Lucha Underground maintains the traditional principles of lucha libre but with a contemporary look
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|28 de octubre de 2014

Lucha Underground (39x60’), the new original production of United Artists Media Group in partnership with FactoryMade Ventures for El Rey Network, premieres this Wednesday, October 29th, 8pm on El Rey Network and Saturday, November 1st at 4pm on UniMás in the U.S. United Artists Media Group will distribute the series internationally. It is shot in Los Angeles and produced in English and Spanish. Eric Van Wagenen, executive producer and Show Runner of Lucha Underground, told PRODU that Mark Burnett -series producer and president of United Artists Media Group, who has produced over 2,200 hours of TV programming including hits such as Survivor (CBS), The Voice (NBC) and Shark Tank (ABC)-, has taken this project very personal because he considers Latinos in the U.S. are being underserved in regards to high-quality programming. “People are going to be pleasantly surprised with the production value of Lucha Underground, it’s very cinematic. The series raises the bar for this kind of production,” said Van Wagenen. He said the series is based on lucha libre, which originated in Mexico, and is a program relevant to El Rey Network because it attracts the demographic of U.S.-born Latinos of second and third generation. “It’s a sort of hybrid of lucha libre and a more contemporary look and feel. The show is set in Los Angeles and features some well-known wrestlers of Lucha Libre AAA. "There are also big names from the WWE and others are independent,” added Van Wagenen.